New Consultations

Dayton Gastro is Currently Accepting New Patients

A new patient appointment at Dayton Gastro is typically scheduled as a consultation, where you meet with your gastroenterologist and discuss the digestive disorder that prompted your visit. If your visit is due to a referral from your family doctor, your Dayton Gastro physician will review the information provided by your referring doctor in order to understand what symptoms you have reported and what tests have already been done.

Registration Information

You will receive registration information prior to your first appointment at Dayton Gastro. This includes basic patient information and a health history questionnaire. If you are unable to complete this information prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete it when you arrive for your consultation. Completing the questionnaires can take approximately 15 minutes, as the information helps you recall details of your past medical history, as well as puts the information in order for the doctor.

Checking In

When you arrive to consultation, the receptionist will verify that Dayton Gastro has the correct demographic data, such as your current address and contact information. Please bring your insurance cards with you, as the receptionist will also review your current insurance information. The receptionist will check we received authorization for the visit if you have HMO insurance with that requirement. This will also be the time you fill out the registration information if it was not previously completed.

Your Consultation

Your consultation will consist of discussing your symptoms, answering questions your doctor has based on your referral paperwork and your discussion, and a focused physical examination. All information you provide is vital in order for the doctor to develop a treatment plan and diagnosis that is individual to you. At the end of the consultation, the doctor will discuss with you his/her assessment of your digestive disorder and what tests may be needed.

If a procedure is needed, it will most likely be scheduled on a separate day. It is not necessary to fast or prep for your office visit unless we have specifically instructed you to do so.

Making Wellness a Priority

Dayton Gastro physicians are typically described as empathetic, hands on, and concerned. Our doctors have a high level of expertise and knowledge about current medicine. They clearly communicate with each patient and listen to what is going on with you, personally.

Dayton Gastro’s goal is to provide easy-to-understand advice, guidance, and insight to your digestive disorder and what can be done to improve your health. The doctor’s assessment of your digestive disorder is the first step to creating a customized plan that best suits your individual needs. By providing cost-effective options for treatment, you are empowered to prioritize your health.

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